Monday, November 9, 2009

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Dearest Customers,
We are nominated for the Top Blogshop Nominees @ Semplicemente.amore. We will appreciate if you girls can vote for us! We promise that we will continue bring in more goodies @ reasonable price.
Thanks Babes!

Lovely Lace is Back!

Dearest customers,
We would like to apologize for the late reply and MIA as we are currently busy with our preparation for our finals which is just around the corner.

Apart from that, Lovely Lace is back due to the popular demand. For those who have placed your orders and already make payment, we will be restocking it either tomorrow or Wednesday. And for those who have not make payment, kindly make payment asap as we will only be restocking for those who made payments. We are still taking orders so do not hesitate to place your orders by tomorrow noon. As one of my partner, Ann is currently on her vacation hence babes, u can reach me at 012-315 3605(Moon).

Bare with us and we promise we will UPDATE as soon as possible.

Mwahhh <3


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good News!

We have set up another blog which covers our marked down items to clear up our old stock. Dun hesitate to check it out at:
Be quick before all the items are sold out as they are not restockable anymore.

The second good news is that CheckerChex will be participating in the ASD's Halloween Party 2009 on the 31st October 2009. Be ready to party with us babes! Join us and we promise you will have a blast shopping with us, more goodies and best deals for you babes!

Date: 31st October 2009
Time: 1.00pm – 8.00pm
Venue: Ground floor, The Crest, 3 Two Square

For more info about the event, click here: or
mark your attendance for the event here:

Besides that, stay tuned for our next updates and the date will be announced soon!


Much Love,
Moon & Leeann @ CheckerChex

Saturday, October 17, 2009

COD on Monday 19/10/09

Dearest Customers,

We'll be doing COD at :

Monday, 19/10/09

11.45am - Taylor's Business School, SS15 Subang Jaya

2.00pm - Taylor's Business School, SS15 Subang Jaya

8.30pm to 9.00pm - Sunway Pyramid (Old Wing Main Entrance)

Do let us know if you're available alright?

Thank you in advance! Mwahh.

Much Love,
Leeann & Moon

Friday, October 16, 2009

CC054 Vintage Studs

Size: UK 6-10
Measurement: Length 66cm

Color:Black (sold), White (sold) & Light Brown (sold)
Price: RM 27
Status: All Sold
*Another studded belt! Told ya it's the trend right now =). However, this piece is way more vintage hmmmm
*Not Restockable

CC053 Belly Buttons

Size: UK 6-10
Measurement: Length 66cm

Color: Black (reserved), White, Dark Brown, Light Brown
Price: RM 25

Status: Available
*Studded everywhere, it's the latest trend =)

CC052 Poker Face

Size: UK 6-10
Measurement: Length 72cm
Color: White (sold) & Hot Pink (sold)
Price: RM 55
Status: All Sold
*Quality assured babes, trust us for this one! Unique design, nowhere to fine. Side zipper provided =)
*Not Restockable

CC051 Lovely Lace

Size: UK 6-10
Measurement: Length 74cm

Color: Dark Blue (sold), Grey (sold), Brown (sold) & White (sold)
Price: RM 43
Status: All Sold
*Another extremely sweet dress! Very detailed lace and made of comfy cotton material =) *Restockable

CC050 Beyonce

*sexy back hmphhh

Size: UK 6-12
Measurement: Length can be stretched up to 82cm

Color: Black (sold), Blue (sold) & Grey (sold)
Price: RM 55

Status: All Sold

*Drape dress in satin material with padded for the bust area. Criss crossed at the back and the bottom part is stretchable for any sizes babes! Very versatile and quality assured =)

*Not Restockable

CC049 Sweetie

Size: UK 6-10
Measurement: Length 73cm

Color: Black, Blue & Pink (reserved)

Price: RM 42
Status: Available in Black & Blue
*The design of this dress is pretty unique as in it portrays an combination of a baby T and tube dress for the whole outlook The floral designs enhanced the sweetness of the dress! *Restockable

CC048 Embroidery Bareback

Size: UK6-12
Measurement: Length 76cm

Color: Black (sold) & Blue (sold)
Price: RM 45

Status: All Sold

*Extremely bareback with sweet embroidery in front. Butt hugging, sweet yet sexy at the same time, who wouldn't love it?


CC047 Mr Boyfriend

Size: UK 6-12
Measurement: Length 63cm
Color: Blue (sold), Red (sold) & Orange (sol
Price: RM 29
Status: All Sold
*Very versatile and casual, you can either tie it up, clinch it with a clincher and wear with a baby T inside or leave it on like a normal boyfriend Tshirt.

CC046 Double Layer Stud

Size: UK6-10
Measurement: Length 80cm

Color: Purple+Black (reserved) & Black+Grey (reserved)

Price: RM39
Status: All Reserved

*Comes in two pieces babes at an affordable price. The outer layer comes in studded designs while the inner layer is a plain racerback. Loving it?


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanks for supporting us!

We would like to express our gratitude to those who've visited us at Lelong Lelong Bazaar which was held last weekend at Asia Cafe. It was great meeting you girl s in person and again we would like to thank you for all your continuous support towards CheckerChex. We hope that you had fun with all the cheap bargains and hope to see you girls soon in the next upcoming bazaar.

In addition to that, there'll be plenty of updates coming up by this Friday with more dresses, boyfriend shirts and clinchers etc . So be sure to check us out and dun miss it!

Mwahhh ;)

Much Love,
Moon & Leeann @ CheckerChex

Friday, October 2, 2009

Chanel Inspired (CC028) Restockable Again!



Hello babes, we are restocking this Chanel Inspired bag again since it has been selling like panHOT cakes. And guess what, we have managed to snap a picture in pink now, as requested! =)

Click here for more details!

Do let us know if you're interested alright? Mwahh..
Lotsa Love, CheckerChex