Monday, September 28, 2009

Will Be Back Very Soon! =)

Dearest Customers of CheckerChex,

We truly apologize for the lack of updates these 2 weeks as we are so busy with assignments. Anyway, don't worry, we have already been stocking new collection for you guys!... Hence, CheckerChex will be updated again with our new collection on the 2nd week of October alright?

Remember to check us out with more floral tops, dresses, and blazers =).

Much Love,
Leeann & Moon

Thursday, September 17, 2009

CC028 Chanel Inspired

*Yay, it's WHITE finally!

People, remember the Chanel Inspired bag that was selling like hot cakes?
Good news! We're restocking them again after Raya!
So, if you are interested in it, send in your orders quick babes.
By the way, we've just posted a picture of the white color one since it was requested heehee =).

*Click here for more details!

Lotsa Love,

CC038 Studs Lover

Sparkling studs!

Size: UK6-10
Measurement: Length 60cm
Color: Black (sold), White
(sold) & Brown
Price: RM25
Status: Available in Brown

CC037 Gold Rush

Simple & Classy!

Size: UK6-10
Measurement: 58cm

Color: Black + Gold Pleated Buckle (4 sold, 1 available)

Price: RM20
Status: Available

*Grab it fast people! Fast selling =)

CC036 Two Way Belt

Can be worn either way round! This is the reason we love this belt so much =)

*One side Corset

*The other side, you can clinch it around your waist just like normal clincher!
Size: UK 6-10

Measurement: Length 63cm

Color: Black (sold)
Price: RM28

Status: All Sold!

*This two way belt is so interesting that it can be worn as a corset or normal clincher! Check out the pics =)


CC035 Zipper Skirt

Size: UK 6-10
Measurement: Length 42cm

Color: Black (sold), Grey (sold) & White (sold)

Price: RM 39
Status: All Sold

*CheckerChex's 1st collection of skirts. Pair it up with a clincher or just wear it without would also look awesome =)


CC034 Floral Sexy Back

Sexy Cut Out Back!

Upclose design of the floral!

*side view

Size: UK 6-10
Measurement: Length 73cm
Color: Black (sold), White (sold) & Brown (sold)
Price: RM 45
Status: All Sold
*Such a sweet dress that comes with a sexy cut out back.

CC033 Funky Floral (Topshop Inspired)

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Size: UK 6-10
Measurement: Length 75cm

Color: Design 1 (sold), Design 2 (sold), Design 3 (sold)

Price: RM 40

Status: All sold

*Don't you find it so similar to Topshop's Floral dresses ? Yes, without a doubt, they are similar =)


CC032 Oh Kimono!

Size: Uk6-10
Measurement: Length 76cm

Color: White (sold), Grey(sold) & Dark Blue (sold)
Price: RM42

Sold Out =)
*CheckerChex's 1st collection of Kimono! We make sure it comes in a very unique design. Don't you think so?
*Not Restockable

CC031 Cleopatra

*Upclose design of the embroidery

Size: UK 6-8
Measurement: Length 72cm

Color: Black (sold), Purple (sold), Orange (sold)

Price: RM 39

Status: All Sold

*The embroidery gives an egyptian feel and the little bare on the back shows that it's decent yet sexy at the same time! Love it?

*Made of very comfortable cotton
*Not Restockable

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CC030 Rosie

Size: UK 6-10
Measurement: 60cm
Color: Black (sold), Red (sold) & White (sold)
Price: RM 25
All Sold =)