Sunday, January 31, 2010

Credits to Mr Clayton Chew

A very big note of appreciation to our Mr Photographer,
Clayton Chew for the pictures taken for this batch.

CC077 Sexy Goddess

Size: UK 6-10
Length: 72cm
Color: Blue (sold) & Grey (sold)
Price: RM 48
Status: All Sold
*Extremely sexy slash cut at the back of the dress, together with a zipper in the middle. Suitable for night outing =)

CC076 Fair lady

Size: UK 6-10
Length: 80cm
Color: White
Price: RM 49
Status: Available
*Sweet and demure!

CC075 Diva

Size: UK 6-10
Length: 75cm
Color: Black (sold), White (sold) & Blue (sold)
Price: RM 53
Status: All Sold
*Suitable for dinner or night outing. Sexy yet classy!!

CC074 Pom Pom

Size: UK 6-10
Length: 78cm
Color: White & Grey
Price: RM 55
Status: Available
*Quality assured! =)

CC073 Lacey Floral

Size: UK 6-10
Length: 73cm
Color: Black (sold) & Red
Price: RM 48

Status: All Sold
*Lace & Bodycon combination! Nothing more to ask =)

CC072 Floreq

Size: UK 6-10
Length: 45cm
Color: Dark blue (sold) & Light blue (sold)
Price: RM 42
Status: All Sold
*Not Restockable

CC071 Stella

Design 1

Design 2

Size: UK 6-10
Length: 40cm
Design: Design 1 & Design 2
Price: RM 45
Status: Available

*Dearest, the material is stretchable, so do not worry if it can't fits you guys ya =)

CC070 Casual Chic

Design 1

Design 2 Design 3

Size: UK 6-10
Length: 72cm
Design: Design 1, Design 2 (sold), & Design 3 (sold)
Price: RM 42
Status: Available in Design 1
*Another Topshop inspired people! =)

CC069 Floral Love


Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Size: UK 6-10
Length: 78cm
Design: Design 1 (sold) , Design 2 (sold) & Design 3 (sold)
Price: RM49
Status: Available in Design 2
Seems familiar? Spotted at Topshop with the same design.
*Quality assured*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pre Chinese New Year


In celebration of Chinese New Year, we’re having a massive sales.
All available items are marked down.
Great bargains and special deals not to be MISSED!
Now’s the best time for you to grab the items that you've always wanted.
Mail us your orders before its gone ;)

We would also like to wish Happy Chinese New Year to our dear shoppers and
hope you girls enjoy shopping with us!

**Sold items will be removed
**Mail us to enquire about the colour availability


Moon & Leeann

Pre Chinese New Year Sales

RM25 to RM19

RM45 to RM 38

RM23 to RM15

RM43 to RM 36

RM65 to RM50

RM43 to RM35

RM24 to RM 19

RM42 to RM35

RM42 to RM33

RM 49 to RM35

RM39 to RM26

RM49 to RM 35

RM39 to RM29

RM45 to RM 30

RM35 to RM27

RM39 to RM28

RM36 to RM29

RM22 to RM15

RM46 to RM 35

RM39 to RM 30